Field Test Kit


The Field Test Kit (shown with the optional infrared heat gun), is primarily intended for sales and maintenance personnel to analyze oil samples on-site. The contents of the kit enables the user to report the presence of solid contaminants via the filter patch test, and water percentage via the Water Test Kit, plus measure the viscosity of the oil and operating system temperatures. With this information, your personnel can analyze the oil condition and determine if further comprehensive lab analysis is required.

Included in this kit is a Visgage, oil sampling pump with five feet of tubing, four sample bottles, one bottle each of red dye, green dye, hydraulic oil defoamant and circulation oil defoamant, Water Test Vessel, 10 ml polyethylene syringe, 30 ml polyethylene syringe, 50 Calcium Hydride (Reagent A) packets for the water test, a 10 ml glass pipette, filter holder, 100 (5 micron) filter patches for determining the level of particulate contaminants, 0-2200F armored thermometer, 8-inch adjustable wrench, screwdriver, 30 X power magnifier, magnet, tweezers and three filter patch folders. The Field Test Kit comes with a rigid oil resistant foam dye-cut insert and carrying case.


The following Excell file provides a break-down between the three field kit versions available: A (Basic), B (Standard), and C (Deluxe).

  There are three versions of the Field Test Kits: A (basic), B (standard), and C (deluxe).A (basic), B (standard), and C (deluxe).A (basic), B (standard), and C (deluxe).

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