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Prices include the HAZMAT fee 

 Item Part # Price Qty Reagent A HAZMAT Total
Analog WTK WTK-DELUXE-1 $209 1 Bottle $35 $244
Analog WTK WTK-DELUXE-2 $269 2 Bottles $35 $304
Analog WTK WTK-DELUXE-3 $329 3 Bottles $35 $364
Analog WTK WTK-DELUXE-4 $389 4 Bottles $35 $424
Digital WTK WTK-DELUXEDP-1 $325 1 Bottle $35 $360
Digital WTK WTK-DELUXEDP-2 $385 2 Bottles $35 $420
Digital WTK WTK-DELUXEDP-3 $445 3 Bottles $35 $480
Digital WTK WTK-DELUXEDP-4 $505 4 Bottles $35 $540


HM: Both Water Test Kits require HazMat Shipping.  Add one HazMat shipping to the order.

NEW: Now used to test water content in Biodiesel and SVO (vegetable oil).

NEW June 2010: Now used to test water content in PAG, Polyalkylene Glycol, Brake Fluid, Glycerin, and Glycerol. Call 302-456-0446 for details!

Water in lubricating fluids can cause serious damage to machinery with premature failure of bearings, gears, pistons and other components. Major bearing manufacturers claim that as little as .05% water in the oil will reduce bearing life by as much as 60%.

Until now, there hasn't been an easy and convenient way to determine water content on-site. Samples have always been sent to the lab while the people in the field waited for the test results. Now, the Water Test Kit can be used to determine the percentage of water in various fluids right at the machinery's location. Test results are available in as little as five minutes. Typically these fluids are hydraulic fluids, gear oils and other circulation system lubricants. Not only can these fluids be tested, but others can also be tested such as Biodiesel, AND SVO. The maximum range of the gauge is 1.5% water, but lower or higher concentrations (.50% or 50% Full Scale) can be tested using the laboratory techniques listed in the operating manual.

With a resolution of 0.001% (10 PPM) water, any fluid can be tested as long as the following conditions are met:

  • A. The water must be in the form of free molecules or droplets and not be chemically or physically bound. 
  • B. The fluid should not attack the water test vessel components which are anodized aluminum and brass.

The analog Water Test Kit, # 01-WTK-DELUXE, contains the water test vessel, one bottle of Calcium Hydride (Reagent A), Reagent B (3 pints), a 10 and 30 milliliter syringe, wash bottle, safety glasses, box of disposable gloves, and instructions.

The Deluxe Digital Water Test Kit has the part # 01-WTK-DELUXEDP.

The Water Test Kit can be used to test for the amount of water in oils, fuels, biodiesel, and other non-water based fluids.  The Water Test Kit has multiple ranges and can determine water content as low as 10 parts per million (0.001%).  The upper range is 12% water content but with a little adjustment to the sample size, 50% water content can be measured.  The kit comes with everything you need to make a measurement. It includes the test vessel, reagents A & B, syringes, scissors, safety glasses, and disposable gloves.  Reagent A is classified as Dangerous Goods (HazMat).  This restricts how the Water Test Kit can be shipped.  

Down Load Instructions 

For complete details on the Water Test Kit go to  http://sandybrae.com/Water_Test_Kit.html where you can down load the instructions and product flyers.  Two versions of the Water Test Kit are available: the Deluxe has an analog gauge and the Deluxe DP has a digital gauge.

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